Real estate in India is still considered as one of the most expensive and reliable assets to own. Be it for self or investment, owning a house is still the ultimate goal for many. However, millennials might pretend that they prefer not to go that route and stick with liquidity, most of it comes from the high prices associated with it. Having said all that, the point here is that real estate has become the secondary focus for the new consumers. Hence, a decline in demand.

This was one side of the story, but someone has to look on the…

We have come a long way since we got introduced to technology. With this introduction, two very different worlds came together — humans and machines, and interacted with each other. We have come to a point where the line between these is getting blurred with each passing day. With this intersection, products around us are changing and so is the way to communicate with them.

Steve Jobs reavilingfirst Iphone
Steve Jobs reavilingfirst Iphone
This moment changed the way we interacted with the phone back in 2007

HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) and HCD (Human-Centered Design) are the fields that deal in making this interaction as smooth as possible, or in other words as human as possible.

Today in this piece, I am going…

The story starts with a simple hi. It’s not just a greeting👋 , it's how we are known globally. It is Hike messenger.

At the time when the world was shutting down and cities were going into lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we here at Hike decided to roll out a new futuristic way of connecting together. A social platform that would be joyful, built around people, fun, and celebrating the depth of relationships. A medium that allows people to be their true selves and go beyond the limits that hold them back in the real world.

Enters Hikeland


A lot has been said on and about enhancing one's own creativity in many ways. It explores different means of thinking and then producing. Creativity is referred to as the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Having said all that, today I am sharing some ancient ways of enhancing one’s own creativity to achieve growth.

Creativity essentially means discovery of the underline arrangement not inventing new things.
- Swami Ranganathananda

Nothing is new anyways. We are only re-using everything that has already been…

SaaS products are often complex products. With a lot of information that they carry, it becomes crucial to properly structure, segregate and group the information so that it could be consumed effortlessly.


For a SAAS platform in real estate, we had a Mandate page that carries the basic information of different projects that are currently on the system. In simple words, a mandate can be a developer and a project will be different projects under the same developer.

Every project contains a lot of data and settings. Data like project details, virtual number settings, teams settings and many more. …

Photo by Daniel Tafjord

People always talk about design culture or a design-first approach while discussing the design. But many startups fail to build a cohesive culture with designers, which later on results in a failed team and a poor product.

Why Design culture is needed?

The answer is not as simple. It takes a huge amount of time to build a designer. Though there is no set formula as to how great designers are made, there is one thing in common, that it requires time, creativity and inspiration. …

There is always talk that goes around the UX community about the UX process. Having been in the UX industry for over 7 years, I have realised that people love complicating simple things. However, I have always believed that as UX designers we are in the business of simplifying things so that they can be easily understood by the user.

Here I am today yet simplifying a process that looks complicated but is as simple as making tea. Before starting I would like to ask you a question -

Have you ever made tea by yourself?

If yes, then you…

How UX took the fear of insurance being technically complex and changed it to as simple as an everyday choice to make.

Insurance as a word creates a certain bit of discomfort especially if you are thinking to buy one. It is mostly because it requires a lot of complex decision making in the process. This has created an ambiguous fear amongst the user about the insurance, and to build a product around it can be challenging.

Before starting, it is very important to observe and understand what is causing a certain behaviour and what could be done to communicate…

Apoorv Gupta

Love to declutter the world by making things simple, as they are. Afterall, everything is not a rocket science.

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